Free documents and templates for genealogists

Do you like to use documents and templates to record information, alongside what you put on your online/ digital tree?  If so, you might be interested to know about these free resources.

The Photo Alchemist, whose business is providing a worldwide photo restoration and colorisation service, has restored eighteen beautiful, full colour templates and made them available to download for free on her website.  You’ll find them [here].  I’ve made templates for my own use in the past and they’re perfectly functional… but sometimes you want something more special, and these are certainly worth the extra ink!

If you’re on Facebook:
Genedocs Templates is a Facebook group with a mission to help anyone interested to ‘preserve a more meaningful and personalized family tree and legacy’.  There’s a huge range of downloadable documents and templates for you to use free of charge.  Examples include an Ancestor Outline List, a document to help you create an obituary and a ‘3-D trunk’ chart for you to add the names of your ancestors.

There’s also The Organised Genealogist.  As with the last suggestion, you have to ‘join’ the group.  Some of the templates are US-centric, but others are of wider application, and there are discussions about specific needs of group members in the discussion threads.

If you’re on Ancestry you’ll find a selection of downloadable charts [here].  These include a Family Group Chart as well as charts to help you keep on top of your own administration.

Family Tree Magazine has created 61 genealogy forms and shared them freely [here].  Again, some of their documents are focused on the US, but others will be of use to genealogists everywhere.

Family Tree Templates have provided a number of free tree templates [here].

If you still don’t see exactly what you’re after you might be able to use some of these as a starting point and create your own.

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