Janice did an absolutely outstanding job for me, tracing one side of my family back over several hundreds of years. She was painstakingly meticulous in her research, communicating regularly about her progress and unswayed by the mistakes previous (family member) researchers had made, which could so easily have led down false routes. She backed up her findings with prints of relevant documents, and the photographs she unearthed of previously unknown ancestors were a thrilling bonus. Personally, I particularly appreciated the ‘sense of place’ she managed to convey, with both old and contemporary photographs of the houses where my antecedents had lived. She collated all her findings into an easily accessible family tree, but in the end what I loved the most was how she then wove all these dusty documents into a flowing narrative that brought all these long-dead people back to life for me, and with that gave me a little insight into who I am and how I have been shaped by those before me.

Thank you Janice, for helping these shipyard workers, cotton weavers, scenery artists and piano-tuners, among many others, step out of the shadows and talk to their blood descendant across the centuries.

Cheryl W, June 2019.

My mother was adopted as a small child but often recalled memories of her birth mother including going to her funeral. With so little information to go on I was amazed when Janice started her painstaking research and gradually found not only the story of what happened to my grandmother, but also whole generations of a family I never knew existed. With clear, detailed, concise updates I eagerly looked forward to reading about these new relations and I am still stunned by how much she has uncovered.

It has all been so well presented and I will be forever grateful to Janice for all the hard work she has put into this.

I can definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to research their family. In my opinion you won’t find anyone with a better dedication. I just wish mum could have read about these wonderful relations she never knew she had.

Thank you so much Janice.

Sheila L, July 2019

All I can say is Wow! For years we have wondered if we have any step Aunts or Uncles born to my ‘unknown’ Grandad after he and Grandma split up when my mother was just a child.  Several family members, myself included, have tried to unravel the family history and trace the particular branch of this tree, unfortunately however, with no success.

We believe Janice has traced my Grandfather, we are now trying to obtain his WW2 service records to confirm without doubt he is the correct person. The next step of discovering if he had any other children is now much closer than we thought we would ever get.

However, my “wow” comment comes not from the many facts uncovered, but more for the way the facts are presented.  Reading about my ancestors is like reading a best selling novel. It’s almost like the characters come alive off the page.  Janice’s research into what was happening in the country at the time, with the economy, the war, politics etc. makes reading about where they lived, how they lived, the employment they had, a riveting read. Be prepared though, for the odd skeleton in the cupboard to appear.

Janice’s high attention to detail is admirable, as is her reluctance to pay for uncertain certificates that just “may” be what is needed. All other possible avenues will be exhausted before any purchase is made.

I highly recommend Janice’s genealogy service, I’m sure you will not be disappointed

Julie H, August 2019.

Janice worked with my sister and me to help us trace a line of our family tree. We had tried in vain over a period of many months, but had hit a brick wall, and the family members that could have helped had all passed. The amount of information Janice was able to provide was overwhelming and the details staggering. The layout, manner and thought that went into the transcripts we received were fantastic. I would gladly recommend Janice to anyone trying to trace their ancestors/ancestry. Many thanks.

Dave W, August 2019.

I’ve grown up not knowing what or who I am or where I belong.  I was left in the care system shortly after birth and brought up in foster homes, but was able to track down my mother through birth and adoption papers.  Having then started this journey to find my father’s birth blood line over forty years ago, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to use DNA to find out for myself.  In contacting Janice and with what she has been able to find out … sorting the wood from the trees … so much clear and accurate information, family links and ultimately … Success!  Janice has used DNA test results and wider research and has uncovered my birth father’s blood line and family.  For me to know that I came from a root of a line that goes back generations … I now belong to someone.  Of course this will not make me a whole person emotionally but it’s steps forward …  Thankyou with all my heart Janice.

John MH, June 2020.

Janice, has done a sterling job on tracking and researching my rather confusing family history, due to name changes, mostly un-official! Ha!

This has been an exciting and fascinating journey over these last couple of weeks.  Mysteries have been revealed and closed and it’s great to be able to look back at where my family came from, who they were and what they did.

Janice does a fantastic job if you are looking to dig into your distant past.
Many thanks Janice!

Carl S, March 2021.